About Kelly McManus

Hello There!


Welcome to Splashing In God’s Grace! I’m so grateful our paths have crossed and I truly believe God has lead you my blog! For over ten years, I’ve obeyed God’s leading and written words of hope to readers all over the world–just like you. With His guidance and help, each entry has made a difference! Today, it continues to offer encouragement and testimony to those needing to see what God’s grace looks like in the everyday. Did you know, even as believers in Jesus Christ, we may miss seeing God’s grace if we don’t learn how to notice it? I know I too am most vulnerable to missing it when I’m distracted! As a mom to nine children over the last twenty-six years, you can only imagine how sidetracked I’ve gotten at times! Now that our little family has grown and I enjoy grand parenting, God’s grace in my own life continues to gain new clarity. What’s my genuine hope as a Splashing In Grace Gal? That we as God’s people will splash, celebrate, and enjoy every facet of God’s rich grace together and joyfully show others how to do the same!

Only By His Grace,