Easter Breaking

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It’s Easter Break and our home has been quiet for most of the day. As the meaning of this day sinks in, my spirit feels drained. It’s not just Easter Break, it’s Good Friday, marking the day Jesus Christ laid down His own life in payment for my sin–our sin.

   Sin. Maybe the day seems heavier, knowing I struggled this week. Guarding my mind felt difficult. I prayed a lot. I taught. I worked all day. I slept. I ate my stevia sweetened chocolate. I thanked God for many things. Then, after all of that, I still ended up feeling my joy slipping away this afternoon. However, I knew letting it go remained my choice. So, I chose. I chose not to let my joy go. Even tonight, I am fighting for it in prayer.

Oh Jesus

   My only comfort now remains in the empty grave. Easter Sunday is coming. God’s grace through Jesus alive for all to see and the grave clothes left behind. Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior has risen from the dead, is alive, and it’s time to worship! He’s my only hope! He’s our only hope!

   If you’ve ever heard this Good News and have let your thoughts run away or feel bogged down today by years of worry, grief, or pain–it’s time to return! It’s time to awaken. Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God has risen for us–for our victory over the grave! Sin has lied to us over and over again–we need saving and we need a perfect Savior! Open that Bible on your shelf–read the book of Luke with me. Read it with your children. Won’t you come home and worship this Sunday at a Bible teaching church near you? That’s where I’ll be, in my Father’s house, seeking Him while He may be found! 

“Thank you Lord for returning my joy tonight–may you return the joy of my reader today. Please awaken them. May they seek and find you. May they take that first or next step of faith and may you welcome them home and give them eternal hope! In Jesus’ Name–Amen”


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