a wolf spider invasion

 All this frigid weather reminds me of last years more balmy days and how I miss them. We can all hope they aren’t too far off can’t we? In the spirit of springtime, maybe this little story will inspire us to prepare our hearts and minds for the seasons ahead, while we wait for our temperature gauges to thaw.

  Last fall, our family of nine made every effort to keep our little farm house and its miniature living space as tidy as possible. As the outdoor air began to bite, due to very large gaps underneath our entry door, we had an issue. I’m sure you can imagine my repulse at what we experienced next, spiders. Black wolf spiders lurked near our door in the shadows before night fell. Those seasonal opportunists sprung into view like clock-work every evening for weeks and dominated our thoughts. We caught sight of their sly creep out from behind baseboards after sunset, their stealthy charge across our carpeting, and collected more than a few furry bodies frozen upon sticky traps every night. It seemed we had a full-fledged wolf spider invasion on our hands!

  Every one of our adrenal glands overworked and exhausted themselves. Each of us played whack-a-spider for hours. We smacked the black-bodied arachnids with heavy shoes and watched their lengthy bent legs separate from their bodies, only to turn around to view another scurrying in an opposite direction. Our girls would scream off and on until bedtime for daddy to help them kill another. I may have screeched a few times myself but after we repeated this event for a few days, I learned a simple dance–to lift my feet off the floor in repetition while my husband would carry on as a wolf spider warrior until all their twisted carcasses were shriveled. 

 To say that we felt anxiety would have seemed an understatement to me back then. How did we go from enjoying the summer silence one week, only to experience an unexpected barrage of fear and alarm the next? I must admit, something amazing did happen because of it though. Once our sensitivity to seeing the spiders waned, it seemed a single oversized wolf spider didn’t alarm us as much and we could deal with it more easily. An odd alertness, familiarity, and awareness to their patterns grew before the weather changed and then they stopped coming. We never would have chosen a wolf spider invasion to unite us, but it did. We can take courage together as we await the next season. We’ve prepared the door and can now encourage anyone else going through a similar challenge.

   By God’s grace, we have been trained, have a peace of mind, and are able to laugh at the days to come. Because of His grace, we know what His victory looks like! Whether we have real spiders invading or things in our lives that act like them, I believe we all have a responsibility to ask God to deal with the issues for our family’s sake. If God gives you the eyes to see, please, don’t ignore the spiders in your life any longer, grab the shoe, get busy! Are there relationships that need pruning, stuff that needs pitching, or are you ready to allow God full access to the bigger distractions in your life? If you tend them now, before you know it you’ll enjoy freedom–plus a beautiful memory with those willing to labor along side you. Who knows, maybe one day, someone may feel grateful to God for sending you to help in their need also.

  • So, what kind of creepy crawlies have been looking for the opportunity to invade your thoughts and life lately? Will you allow God to help you guard against them?


  • Has any idea, image, or bad habit snuck up on you in surprise? Will you allow God to uproot them?


  • Maybe a memory still remains hidden and then it crawls out and torments you or others? Will you allow God to speak His truth to that memory?


  • Are you indifferent and allowing spiders to enter your life and take residence? Will you allow those around you to help you get rid of them for good?

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity,                                                                but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

2 Timothy 1:7

  My wise grandma always said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Those are wise words. After the season our family saw, believe me, we cannot afford the infestation that waits to wreak havoc upon us all. If you are like me, you won’t ever think spider-like buggers are fun to deal with–but we must. They are complete distractions to the best God wants for us! As a believer in Christ, I believe before we begin to deal with our personal issues, we must shore up our own battle plan with truth, loads of support, and courage. I also know firsthand, when we exercise the discipline of seeking God in prayer He will help us. As a fellow warrior, let me encourage you–God’s victory waits on the other side of any mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual battle when we fix our eyes upon Him and move forward in faith and confidence. I pray today, we will all trust Him and thank God for the victory and peace only He can bring!

No human wisdom or understanding or plan can stand against the LordThe horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.”

Proverbs 21:30-31