Promises Promises
“A Promise To Remember” By Kelly McManus @


She bent like a bow, vibrant, and stunning in-between the driving rain. We caught a break while dodging between the storms and there she announced her presence for everyone to delight in.

I know I did.

I was grateful for the reminder of the Biblical account of Noah and considered the promise God made about flooding when He hung the first rainbow in the sky. How breathtaking it must have been without pollution, without the visual distractions below it–hung over nothing but an expanse of pristine dry land as far as the eye could see. Its sight would have taken my breath away and humbled me greatly.

Where was God’s grace before, during, and after this historic catastrophic flood? Why did the rainbow’s promise matter to those who saw it for the first time? How did God follow-through with His plan to save mankind and the animals He lead to the ark? Why should the rainbow matter to us now at such a time as this? (These answers are available on the link above and below.)

I believe when one rainbow bends and stretches across a saturated sky, no matter where we are in the world, it will always capture our attention. It captures our attention and reminds us of truths we may have long forgotten. It also reminds us to seek out truths we haven’t sought out yet. I have faith that the first promise still matters–it still matters to us all today. I believe–It’s a promise to remember.

 (Continue reading here the Biblical account of Noah here)