James LouisK. Stevenson

Three-forty-five rolled around for the second morning in a row, and just as it had the morning before, I awoke with an awareness that I couldn’t ignore. Nature called loudly and as the urgency rang, I answered more readily. Yes the half-filled aqua water jar by my bedside played a part, however, I’ve grown to realize in those early waking moments, there’s often times a more pressing reason for me to rise and stay awake.

After returning to my bedroom in the blackness, I peered out the window and took notice of the nighttime stars. On the night before, they were just as brilliant in the forth watch of the night. They weren’t just beautiful­–they were captivating. I climbed back into bed, gazed out the window a few more times, and continued the silent conversation that God and I had begun upon our return from the Creation Museum only a week prior.

I’m so small.


I’m amazed by all You’ve made.


The universe is so big. 


Every star seems brighter this morning. 


We are so small and yet you love us.


 I feel so awake.


I’m not going back to sleep–am I?


Do you want me to get up so you can tell me more?




I had a quieter than quiet time–no one would dare climb out of bed that early. (Although, four of us wandered around the same hour the night before.)  Coffee began to sound delicious at about five-thirty. A little cream, a little stevia, a little frothing action–inspired me to consider an almost alarming thought; could this become a new normal? My head answered back, “We’ll see how mom lasts after a full day of teaching, training, and errand running.” Regardless of the volley of words within my head, in those moments alone to ask, seek, knock, and listen by His grace–four blogs were spoken into existence and born in His grace. Four precious treasures our Father thought best to hold my attention in the wee hours of the morning–all for us to delight in during the week ahead.

I pray we will delight in them together. I pray His word and encouragement won’t fall on our deaf ears. I pray we won’t waste our moments together as we read them over some coffee or tea during this next week. I think God the Creator of the universe has more to say–won’t you sit at His feet in the stillness and learn with me?