My farm kitchen often swirls with flies at this time of year and keeps me searching and swatting throughout the whole day. I feel like it’s a waste of my time though, not to mention, a dirty nuisance. However, since surrounding farms must spring forth with their feed, I think my adjustment is necessary. Can gratefulness or inspiration loom in moments like these? Flies. F L I E S…well, I do believe inspiration did arrive from killing a few of them today.

Before running errands, I noticed three of the buggers on a sticky trap meant for any creepy crawly by my sink. I was inspired. So, I moved it to a popular location where flies and their friends seem to hang out more often–my kitchen table. I’ve been watching them for days and they always seem to congregate in the same area. Without much effort, I came up with a plan before I strolled out the door.

I used that sticky trap and wouldn’t you know? A fly party ensued upon the sticky trap while I was gone! Our son noticed it right away upon our return and he commented in usual fashion. What a teachable moment and a great visual–those dirty things all clustered together and dying a slow, agonizing, buzzing death.

I remember reading awhile back, that the enemy of a believer in Christ Jesus has been observing us since birth (the devil) . He watches and sets traps in an effort to steal, kill, and destroy anyone vulnerable and willing to wander away from God’s will and blessing. In a similar way, I do believe he’s got sticky traps set for us and I’m planning to talk to my kids about this tonight. You know, it didn’t take much effort for me as the fly hunter, I just had to set it in the right environment and let the luring trap do it’s thing. I would imagine that setting traps for us might not take much effort either–especially when we want what the trap has to offer.

If you get the chance soon to speak with your kids, friends, or family about their vulnerable areas–first take note of your own and then share with them about sticky traps that you notice in their lives. If they’ve gotten stuck, they need to hear about the grace and forgiveness that only God can supply. The time has come, I believe those sticky traps are already set and waiting for our kids, especially if they have great influence over their siblings, are leaders in their churches, or are leading in their communities. If a sticky trap can attract and demobilize just one fly, it will surely work for all of his groupies. 

This idea has me considering, what are the sticky traps in my own life? What are the sticky traps in yours? Let’s pray for wisdom–as some cleverly attract, reward, and entertain. Let’s also make a plan to avoid them and ask people that love us to stand guard with us. Or maybe you’ve already found yourself stuck and if your stuck–it’s time to admit it and gain freedom. Cry out loud for God’s help–do it! He’s the only One that can save us out of our dire situations and to top it off–we might find ourselves bringing other’s down with us if we don’t make the effort soon. So, what’s your sticky trap?

“The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them;

he delivers them from all their troubles.”

Psalm 34:17

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