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Do you ever nuzzle down in the stillness with your coffee and wonder where your headed in life? I’ve often wondered if I could trust God enough to move forward into the places He has called me to. It’s the unknown. It’s where my feet haven’t tread yet. It’s a call to come. A call to believe. A call to trust. A call to rely upon His supply and His leading.

You don’t have to trust God with your family size or adopt to trust God, venture across the Midwest in an RV packed with sons and daughters, or travel to distant lands and across an ocean alone. You don’t have to move from your hometown more times than you’d like, let go of your family and friends, or begin a new career to trust God. You don’t have to home educate your children, write blogs, or persist in writing your first novel to show you trust His leading. You don’t have to purge your diet of sugar or overhaul your eating habits to trust God in healing either. Those are just some of the ways God has encouraged me to trust Him over recent years, however, that was then…

Have you ever gazed back over your life and considered the instances you were also called to trust and believe the Holy Spirit? Maybe you chickened out in your obedience and regretted it, like I have before. Or maybe you became aware of repetitious nudges and knew it couldn’t have ever been your idea? Were they wild or out of character for you? Were the ideas counter to your personality or tendencies?  Or were the ideas to step out pushing you to leave habits, familiarity, or pride behind?

Once again, I find myself there. Once again, I must trust His leading on the simplification of our life and the sale of our home. I’ve caught myself stating over a box, with a tape gun gripped in my hand,“I can’t believe we’re doing this–again.” It’s gotten old, gotten redundant, and I know all too well how the moving process goes. Gratefully, I won’t have to say goodbye to anyone else. But…

Sometimes, it takes great courage to go–

and yet, sometimes it may take even greater trust to stay.

Sometimes, it takes great courage to speak–

and yet, sometimes it may take even greater trust to remain silent.

 Sometimes, it takes great courage to do something–

and yet, sometimes it may take even greater trust to remain still.

Our tense trust levels may need continual stretching and more grace for the journey ahead of us, but let’s remember–we aren’t alone, we are trusting Him together. So, let’s encourage each other to heed His voice and obey no matter what, but just remember, I too have been known to follow with knocking knees and sweaty palms. One thing for certain, something I hope you never ever forget when He calls you also–God will always proves Himself faithful–e v e r y    s i n g l e    t i m e.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6