Uncovering The Why

Uncovering The Why

There are days when the unseen becomes visible…drip, drippity, drip it says as it makes it’s entrance. We’ve been listening to money pour down our shower drain ever since we moved into our home over three and a half years ago. Please don’t ask me why we waited to repair it–today we can no longer tolerate the nagging sound. The shower head has graduated from drips, to trickles, and into a pour over the last week. I am not a plumber and can only imagine the waterfall we would have if I personally touched the pipes and valves. My husband, however, remains quite capable and knowledgeable. He’s willing to uncover the why to our current problem but as with most issues in our lives–timing remains key in problems things like this. To repair our hidden plumbing issue–we need an open schedule, a willing and knowledgeable repairman, the right tools in place, and the parts to fix the issue.

Until then, as I make meals–it drips. During my sleep the droplets splash into my soap bar, eroding it, and creating craters. While I run errands during the day and wipe teary eyes or bandage skinned elbows–the water doesn’t stop flowing. I’ve tightened the lever, reminded my husband, moved my soap, and cleared the bathroom out–all to make room for progress I hope for. Yet, because the shower has continued to function at a tolerable level over these last few years, it hasn’t been urgent until now. Each ping of water speaks, sharing something we don’t understand yet, all while the hidden disconnection behind our wall has become too urgent to ignore.

It’s costing us dearly.

What are we lacking? The reconnection and delight a repair will bring. But, we all know repairs are messy, are never convenient, are going to take work, and are expensive. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. My mom always said–‘Things are worse before they get better.’ So, while I wait for the use of my bathroom again–the wall remains open and the pipes remain exposed and vulnerable. Tools are strewn all over the countertop, and our current at home family of nine, are all taking shifts in the use of one shower.

Such is life isn’t it?

Our unseen pasts, mistakes, habits, choices, and pains can cause constant grief for others and ourselves when they aren’t dealt with. There are three things we rarely consider though–

  • Our hearts are always exposed before God.
  • He was, is, and will always be present.
  • His perfect love works on us at just the right time.
Uncovering The Why Blog

I’m no stranger to this. God began to deal with my anger and perfectionist drive when I became a wife and mom. He addressed my greed early on when I didn’t have enough money to support my name brand obsession. He began dealing with my unforgiving heart once I too was in desperate need of forgiveness myself. These personal issues among more–have had their dripping season in my life. It wasn’t however, until the drips got louder, my words reflected the state of my heart more clearly, and painfully affected the people I loved, that I finally made the time to face what was hidden. Even more recently, God’s been pushing me to rest in and trust His authority, His merciful love, and His care for me.

God remains faithful.

In this faithfulness, He supplies the tools before we all come to a place of emotional and spiritual demolition–equipping us while He nudges us into action. In the same way, while my  own trudge through the messes hasn’t always been easy, God still willingly tears down the walls and exposes my need.

  • He exposes my need for His healing.
  • He exposes my excuses and my unbelief.
  • He reminds me of His commands and His best for me.
  • He leads me to places of personal responsibility and repentance.
  • He helps me let go and heal from the memories that hold me back.

God wants to make repairs of the heart and mind–placing us back on track so we can celebrate His extension of mercy and grace, tell what He has done, and begin delighting in the Him instead. I now come into God’s presence with joy instead of timid shame because of His mercy. No, I haven’t deserved it, but I’ve needed it. I’ve needed forgiveness, a hope, and a future that I couldn’t provide for myself. He saw me and He sees you. He knew me and He knows you. He loved me anyway and He loves you anyway too.

Because of this profound grace, how can we as God’s people not live as the most merciful, joyful, grateful, forgiving, and loving people on the planet? I cannot help but ask–I am familiar with the struggle. True, transparent, and honest relationships with God and those He’s entrusted us to love are a beautiful thing that needs work. Ignoring our hidden issues cost and create damage. I pray today, we will all deal with the warning leaks our hearts, actions, and words reflect. I pray today will be the day. What might your leaks look like?

  • Shame, insecurity, or regret?
  • An untamed tongue?
  • Jealousy or envy?
  • Unforgiveness or bitterness?
  • Anger or a lack of self-control?
  • Lust or a drive for more?

Whatever the why–I pray we will willingly allow Almighty God, who is able to do far more than we could ever ask or imagine–repair, rejoin, and re-attach all that’s broken, weak, and crying out from our hearts.


I’m praising Him with you over His merciful grace already! 


2 thoughts on “Uncovering The Why

    1. Thank you Marcha, what a joy to hear this from you! It’s because of His grace–that I am willing. Life isn’t easy–but there is hope for each of us because of Who He is and what He’s done for us. 🙂 HUGS!

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