Running Ragged…No More

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We are so good at making our lives so full, aren’t we? Today, at different points, I had at least three things going at the same time. Pay the bills, call the dishwasher repair service, teach some math, switch the laundry, answer some messages, clean out underneath the kitchen sink, schedule a delivery, clean the toilet, referee a few sibling arguments, make three meals plus snacks, keep the kids hydrated, and help a friend–some days a mom’s job is never done.

The tasks may never end, but sitting down after all our littles are tucked into bed–couldn’t feel any better. Work is good. Rest is good–and so is margin. Margin? Yes, saying no to the good stuff of life to allow room for God to affirm the best use of our time. Margin. Carving moments out of a busy schedule and guarding them–isn’t always easy. Sometimes, many times, there’s so much pushing and pulling–it’s difficult to know if the schedule I intend to keep is God’s best for me. I think that’s why I’m grateful for margin. For me, margin means leaving space or time in my life for interruptions that are Heaven sent.

Over this last week, margin allowed me to say yes to help a friend. Her life has turned in such an unrecognizable direction–the doctors found a tumor, and then she was diagnosed with cancer. She too has watched her life spiral off into directions that she never expected. By God’s grace–her once full calendar has been emptied. Her responsibilities to the family business and teaching schedule are now delegated. Life for her has become unrecognizable but doable. Margin for extra sleep has replaced the late nights and He now has created margin for her new dietary needs and routine.

  • Do you need some margin placed in your life right now?
  • Are you willing to do something wild and ask God to prune your schedule?
  • Are you willing to let go of appearing busy or important with a full schedule?
  • Are you running around ragged and complaining about it?
  • Are you willing to disappoint people and set boundaries to your time?
  • Do you make time for your spouse or family daily? Do you make time to love them?
  • Do you take a weekly rest day?

If I didn’t accept God’s leading in welcoming margin and even saying some very difficult no’s this year–my availability to allow God to use me to love would have been so much more difficult to rearrange. I like being on call for the times when God say’s do or he says go. I like Him using my hands and taking my feet where He truly wants me and stopping me when He doesn’t. I believe, by God’s grace–the benefits and blessings will far outweigh the sacrifices for all of us.

Just some things for us to ponder today…

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:13


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