The Value Of One

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Today, I found out my one of my dearest friends has cancer. The news is still sinking in. This one life, one special and faithful woman of God, has touched my life so deeply. She is a gift and I ask for your prayers for her. For some, maybe it grows easier to grow apathetic and not consider the value of one–the purpose of a single life. However, throughout the Bible, I’m reminded of the truth. In it, I witness One making the eternal difference in our irreplaceable lives and He still does.

Today is Good Friday and Easter (or Resurrection Sunday) will arrive in two more days from now. This weekend, we remember the significance of one life–Jesus Christ, the perfect Son of God. He is remembered today for laying down His life upon a detestable cross and Sunday for His resurrection from the dead–just as He said He would. From the books of Genesis to Revelation, we see our need, His purposes at work, the prophecies and fulfillment of our Savior’s coming, and the eternal hope we have. His life has been celebrated for thousands of years and prophesied long before that. One life lived with the purpose to save humanity from our bent towards rebellion, pride, and sin–all because of His great love for us.

What complete grace.

He once took my confused, hardened, and sinful heart and made it new, drawing me to Himself, and covering me in His grace. On the day I believed, I was reborn into a new life, with a significant purpose, gifts yet to be discovered, and the gift of His Holy Spirit living within me. One life, made new and purposeful, one out of countless lives–like sand grains on the seashore. Only a living God can still do that, by His grace, for so many today. So, I trust Him. I trust Him to exercise me in belief. I trust Him to grow my faith. I trust Him to still reveal His purpose for my life and I purpose to trust Him in times He chooses to test me. It is my prayer that not only would you, dear friend, believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of your life today, but also trust His loving grace, guidance, and hand to mold you into the beautiful creation He always intended you to become.

The Value Of One Easter blog


Happy Easter dear friends,

may God bless you with great joy!

With Love,


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