Got laundry? Got a life that's full, challenging, and complicated? Hold on tight!
Got laundry? Got a life that’s full, challenging, and complicated?


Today, I’m looking back and cherishing the laughter at home more than I ever have. If I had known this season would’ve felt so hard I would have tucked a few giggles in my pocket. I would have savored the peace a bit longer and then drenched myself with those giggles when the hard days came. Our joyful memories are now encapsulated in time, waiting for their return. A few things have gotten tough at our house but I have faith that they won’t last.

Some projects, issues, and relationships in our lives just take longer than others to maneuver through, right? It’s true, sometimes our setbacks and the painful moments feel like they will last forever. Sometimes, I even feel like the memories I hold are so difficult and I would rather forget the traumatic experience. Then, just when I’ve found I can’t hang on any longer, God pulls me out of my predicament as only He is able. It’s my hope today that we’ll become more grateful for God’s interventions, His rescue, and for those experiences that will eventually equip us to bless someone else going through the very same thing. Yes, it may take weeks, months, or even years before we are ready to delve deep and empathize or in my case blog about it–but I find it’s worth waiting on God’s useful timing.

God never forgets. He doesn’t forget the wilderness he’s lead us through and I believe, He doesn’t want to waste any lesson He’s taught us.

Maybe today’s the day that we should consider taking that leap of faith so we can reach out to someone else. Somewhere, someone in our life needs encouragement by our words or actions–even if it means we need to let down our guard or reveal our past struggle. Maybe keeping quiet isn’t what God wants for us any longer. Maybe it’s time to empathize with someone’s loneliness or grief or sin struggle so He can do something great.

I don’t know where you are, but I know where I must stretch personally. Over this next week, I’m repurposing to listen for that still small voice and show God’s love even if it’s inconvenient. I believe He wants us all to. You know, we may never fully understand who’s holding on tight to their last bit of hope and God may use what we have as an answer to their prayers.

I’m praying for your joy to increase this week. I also pray that God will increase your courage to love, extend grace, and offer rich encouragement to those around you because this world remains desperate for what He’s offering…