Today, I want to share with you a top read blog that I wrote in 2012. For some reason, my readers from the Ukraine found it so entertaining that they promoted the blog. I’ll let your read it for yourself today and we’ll see if you agree!

Splashing In God's Grace

My husband and I escaped with our sons to California a few weeks ago.  We reunited with our first born and our weekend plan was one that we wouldn’t ever forget.

On the day that we arrived at the lagoon, I smiled as I watched our 16 year old drive his dad out onto the water course.  They puttered in a slow and careful motion. After about 25 minutes, I saw my ride coming in towards me- so I kicked off my flip flops and dropped our car keys in front of the manager.

My decent onto the beach slowed to a snails pace as I looked at the wave runner rocking in front of me.

“Jump on Mom,” they said.

There my 18 and 13 year old sat, grinning at me like cats who just ate mice.  I tried to get my thoughts to submit and calm down while…

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