A Valuable Childhood Conversation

What makes a conversation valuable?
What makes a conversation valuable?

Two little ones sat on a tumbling mat while waiting for their instructions to join in on their gymnastics class. One child asked another, “Do you believe in Jesus?” The little girl hesitated and tried to remember where she heard that name before. The boy sitting close reminded her that He died on the cross and raised from the dead. She smiled at the jogging of her memory. He asked her if she believed in Him and she said she did. They left their tumble class new friends.

The little boys’ friend wouldn’t attend the next two classes. Instead, he was given a paper to take home to his mommy which explained why the little girl wouldn’t be coming back to gymnastics. His new friend Hannah* died in a car accident. She died just three days after their conversation.

I’m learning that every day matters, every big and little person matters, and every conversation holds an opportunity for valuable dialog. We never stop learning as parents, right? Let’s not underestimate the impact of an eternal conversation–even when it’s held by a seven and nine-year-old sitting on a tumble mat. It seems that they matter more than I ever realized before.

*This name is changed.

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