Are you flawed or are you flawless?

Does becoming flawless in Christ Jesus mean that Christians are perfect? Does it mean we have or live perfect lives? No, it doesn’t, far from it, if anyone tells you that–they are lying. It means that you and I are instead covered in perfect grace–forgiven and free from the bondage that once upon a time held us captive.

  • Sin wants to keep a heavy immovable foot upon our chests and never let us go.
  • Sin wants us to believe that we won’t ever change and that we are permanently stained.

 Now that’s a depressing thought, but take heart, it’s not true!

I’m glad that God had another plan. His son Jesus Christ, the Messiah, paid our ransom with His own life. When a person accepts this priceless gift of grace through repentance and belief in God’s son–they are saved and free. The truth is, He’s the only one able to take us from flawed to flawless. It is my prayer that these truths will envelope each of us today and we will take the next step towards our flawless and perfect Savior!