Do you ever pop your eyes open in the morning and consider what’s waiting for you over the next twenty-four hours? I didn’t last week . I just plowed through the morning with my children trying to keep up with me. The missions were to do school, have a picnic, clean up at the farm, and get some mulch for the gardens. Simple right? Well, on paper it always is. Chick Farm Pic I couldn’t expect the joys and surprises that God brought me last week Wednesday. The cooking and packing frenzy before we headed out the door–should have been my clue that our day was going to hold blessings. Our oldest daughters were amazing in the kitchen–mixing here, prepping there with no complaints. They had smiles on their faces and we were looking forward to an afternoon adventure. Everyone loved the picnic under the trees at the farm. We wiped, we washed, and we swept up every dead ladybug we could find in the new building. Our little sons helped me dig in the dirt, pull weeds, and rake the gardens. We even held deep conversations by the lilac bush. Then, time slowed as we took time to pluck a lilac bloom–just to drink in it’s sweetness. Giggling daughters blew past me riding their bikes and somehow the ticks even tried to crash the party–but they weren’t discovered until later. Farm Pic Just after dropping off the most of her siblings at home, Kathleen and I escaped to the local farm store for a mulch sale. While I gripped my cart and began my hunt for girly garden boots, she camped out by the baby chicks. Kathleen made an acquaintance while there–who had the same name and they were best friends by the time I caught up to them. The chicks scurried around and avoided reaching hands. Just the day before, my daughter-in-law and I were texting. She told me I needed to get my chickens. She knows that I’ve spoken, prayed, saved, and drooled over the cutest coops that you could ever lay your eyes on for way to long–years at least. In my heart, I knew the dream would need to wait until next year though. My man-power has been slim these days.

So, instead of looking at the chicks for long, I picked the safe route. Perusing a homesteading magazine  and reading about chickens satisfied me just fine. I skimmed the pages until our new little friends’ grandmother joined us. We talked chickens for a bit and then a key declaration flew my way.

“My granddaughter would love to buy your daughter a chick today.”

A nervous laugh came out of my mouth, a smile painted my face, shock froze me in place, and my wide eyes flit from the grandmother to the two bouncing preteens in front of me. A sweet stranger was going to buy us a chicken? I stood there and prayed silently while making small talk with this generous stranger.

“God, do you really want us to start our coop now? Now?”

Before I knew it, we were laughing and carrying dizzy chicks home in what looked like a kids meal box with air holes. CHICK BLG Does God ever surprise you with answers to prayers or the unspoken desires of your heart at the strangest times? Has it ever made you laugh? He knows us. He loves us and what a joy it is to share my answers to many years of prayer with you–even if it is for chickens. Last year at this time, it was my trip to Latvia and completing our adoption. What kind of prayers has God answered for you lately? I would love to hear–so leave me a comment here or on my Facebook writer page today!

Happy Mother’s Day dear friends!