Life’s Little Interruptions

My last few weeks, are best summarized in two words–little interruptions. What were the interruptions you may be asking yourself? Well, my olympic medal winning slip off the top of the wood stairs landed me in a heap a little over a week ago. In the pitch black darkness, the pains that shot through my right leg were best described as–electrifying. Two days later, my little left ring toe, if that’s what we call it, rammed into the corner of a heavy box. The instant cracking gripped my attention. So, last Sunday, I hunkered down with another icepack and an elevated foot for the afternoon.


I’ve also been shuffling around washing, folding, and putting away countless loads of laundry, most of which, in all probability–were clean already. It seems that our youngest sons enjoy entangling as many dirty pairs of smelly underwear they can with anything they can find. I’ve emptied both dressers this week and relocated one, just to remove their temptation. We’ve installed new doorknobs with keys for their closets with hopes of deterring them from hiding their encrusted undergarments, putrid smelling training pants, and twisted up sheets. I’ve even confiscated our sons’ clothes and placed them in bins in my bedroom. In addition, a few days ago, a food stash was discovered underneath our boys’ bunk bed. The discovery now explains why I’ve been missing a cereal box, cracker box, a new bunch of bananas, powdered drink mix, a protein bar, and the list goes on. I’ve resorted to buying a pantry door alarm for my two legged mice and the bathroom remains another story. Our new apple flavored toothpaste has become quite a delicacy for our seven year old. To his disappointment though, we’ve been hot on his trail long before it was half empty this time.

Yes, this is a sketch of just a few minor interruptions that I’ve experienced as of late. Interruptions sure have a way of making life interesting, don’t they? At times like these, I always remember a quote I read when my older children were little, “Interruptions are God’s way of teaching us something.” I’ve pondered that phrase off and on for at least a decade now. There’s always something I can learn from both the good and not so good interruptions within my day. Today, I hope you’ll join me in considering the unexpected in our lives a bit more. Just maybe, with God’s help, we can begin to receive those little interruptions in a new way and with a new attitude. God may want to say something through them. Am I grateful for my broken toe, my near to broken leg, or the heap of reeking laundry? Well, I can choose to be–looking back in hindsight. I can choose to be grateful for the extra rest on Sunday, the helpfulness of my children while my leg was elevated, the new order in our sons’ bedroom, and the revelation of our boys’ struggles. Perspective–I think God wanted me to get some even if I felt irritated or sharp pain in the moment. You know, Jesus also knew what a Pharisee needed to learn and he chose to teach him his lesson through the act of a sinful woman. Isn’t it amazing how our loving Savior always knows just what we need–right when we need it most

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