A Toilet Paper Facial

Our oldest daughter has found Pinterest on this wintry week to occupy some indoor time. I must admit–she’s a whiz at getting the pins. Her squeals of excitement over a recent hairdo pin is even opening up many new conversations. It’s more than fun to share boards with her and build a collection of our ideas. I’m pretty impressed with her more recent support over my pantry reorganization and I dare to think that my little cheerleader is developing an appreciation for homemaking.

Yesterday, I walked into her room and came to a halt at the sight of her face. Toilet paper clung to her forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. If I were still sick, I would think my reaction as great medicine. Poor baby, it’s because of my outcry–that her own laughter split the fibers and she had to redo her facial collage. I did get permission to snap a picture after the reattachment of torn white strips though. I’m sorry, at this time, the full picture is only available for my husband and mother. I’m sure you get the idea by this partial image and by now, you can figure out where she scraped up her newest facial treatment.

toilet paper blog

Thanks to our pinning, we have glass cups and bowls strewn about with concoctions that she’s mixed up for facial softness, moisturization, and minor breakouts. We’ve eaten cake in a mug, twisted up new hairdo’s, and even tried new strength building techniques. It seems that whatever my baby girl wonders about–she can find a solution for on Pinterest. I believe, at some point, Grace came to a point of need, curiosity, and desperation for a solution to her teenage dilemmas. Not every effort or recipe has paid off though. Her brothers and I have had a good chuckle over some of the ideas that she’s brought up and believed. What a unique lesson for my children on the word–gullible.

We aren’t much different as adults though, are we? We are ecstatic over our Pinterest boards for sure. I guess what I’m getting at is that I don’t think about pinning ideas for clearing pimples because, well, I don’t have them. Let’s roll back time though–if I were a teenager I would have a few hundred images and instructions on my page ready to go. You know, some people aren’t curious about God in much the same way. Some people don’t think about needing Him until they are at a point of desperation. Some try religion or a few churches out and are turned off–thinking they or others need to be perfect before they attend. Does God want us to become religious or does He wants an intimate relationship with us through His Son Jesus Christ? I believe, He’s created us for a relationship with Himself. What we choose regarding that topic today, has the potential to affect our whole eternity. Now, I think that’s the most worthwhile subject to search out, begin investigating, and pin up to remember–don’t you?

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