A Blessed Date With My Boy


Tonight, our eighteen year old son is fulfilling a birthday gift he’s given to me. He’s taken me out on a dinner date and I don’t know about you–but this whole idea makes my heart go pitter-patter! Yes, it’s very sweet to say the least. I warned him early on in the day that I would be sure not to eat much so that way I could fill up on our date. I got a chuckle out of him–because I’ve heard that line before from him many times! I sat across from James at the local Mexican restaurant and soaked every moment in with him.

It was about thirteen years ago, that we enjoyed our very first date out together. He had his little bowl haircut, was at least four feet shorter, and we were both dressed up. He opened the doors for me and pulled out the chair for me to sit on in the restaurant. He was my little man in training for when he became a big man. I wanted him to treat his special lady right and with respect one day. Now after many dates since, here we are, ready to embark on one of the last few dates that we will have before he’s all grown up.

Something that he said to me, after I thanked him for dinner, will forever stick in my memory. He said, “It doesn’t even compare to what you do for us everyday Mom.” It was enough to tear me up and make me feel all mushy inside.

I’m so grateful for the moments that I’ve invested as a mom to train up our children according to God’s word. Experiencing the fruit from all of the cultivating, prayer, and labor is so sweet indeed. God is faithful. Yes, what we sow we will reap as parents and I’m praising God as I continue to enjoy the harvest!

   “Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6 ESV

One thought on “A Blessed Date With My Boy

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. So very proud of the man he is turning out to be. Thank you for loving your Mom so very much and appreciating her the way she loves and appreciates you.

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