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A mouse has taken refuge in my house. It has been scratching and gnawing at something behind the wall where my pillow rests at night. The scurrying, thumping, and dragging nails of the varmint is disrupting my peace and my sleep so much so that when I wake in the morning–I’m feeling tense, exhausted, and less on my game as a mom. My husband said that the creature probably got into our attic and fell between our walls. That mental picture is quite disturbing. I’ve pictured myself driving a nail into my bedroom wall and blowing in something to put it to sleep but in reality–I think it will remain trapped in my wall and rotting until it turns back into dust. Until then, after a day of almost ten hours on my feet, tonight I will fade off to dreamland with visions of mouse droppings and chewed electrical cords dancing in my head. Oh how I long for peaceful sleep again!

Oh isn’t is so frustrating when we know that there is an urgent problem in life and we can’t seem to tend to the issue? Sometimes the solutions seem so beyond our reach. Every day, day in, and day out I am reminded of the role that evil still plays in our world. Every day, the news stations broadcast more discouraging images and reports of darkness. These things then burden our hearts and wear on our minds–thus throwing our peace, joy, and faith off kilter. I have a question. What if we refuse to watch the attention grabbing news features multiple times a day? What if we got up out of our comfort zones and said, “No more,” but instead reinvested those minutes? What if we instead gave them to our families, friends, to those in need, and took time to pray over those headlines?

In 2 Timothy 3:1-9 Apostle Paul talks about what the people in the last days will look like. Is it just me or do these verses seem to describe the culture we live in now? Do they happen to look like our own households? And if these are the last days then why would we be so filled with shock when we see people defying quarantines and riding the subway? Why would we sit in awe and give our attention to brutality? Or be surprised by the abuse of power and provocation of our elected leaders? The toleration of debt, the lack of boundaries, and the recklessness with peoples lives–all begins to make sense when we think on 2 Timothy 3:1-9. Maybe we stay tuned with hope in seeing the good guys win in the broadcasts–like in the movies. While these features are very real–for those of us who hold onto the truth of Daniel and Revelation, we know these stories fall short. They do not hold a complete picture of what is really happening and will not ultimately hold the solutions to the problems in our world.

If we don’t refuse to feed these headlines with anything but brief attention and true prayer–we may just enable hopelessness to grow in our minds and hearts. That would be a victory for the enemy to steal our peace, kill our joy, and destroy our faith in God and His plan. Proverbs 4:23 says–“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Will you join me in refusing to allow our current events to frustrate us any longer and to lay them in prayer at our Father God’s feet instead? He is faithful to His promises when we do this. Then, I believe that the peace that we long for will surely come. I also believe that it will come from no one and nothing else upon this earth but but only from the Prince of Peace Himself.