Do Not Fear–Tune Of The Week

Our son met Lauren Daigle at an impactful concert last week. He was so impressed by Lauren’s faith and abilities as she sang her heart out in worship before the Lord–that he’s got us hooked as fans! The cover song that she sings, “You Make Me Brave,” is true and it is beyond powerful. It is my prayer, that you will experience more of God’s amazing grace and the emboldening of His Holy Spirit as you seek Him, worship Him, and obey Him this week…

“Loving Father, please, draw us near to you today. May we lay every sin and every anxiety at your feet. The waves are crashing around us Lord and growing more intense everyday and yet–you are stronger. You are mightier. You already hold the victory and nothing will stop you from opening up your arms wider to those that are in need of your saving grace! May you search us Father and fill us with your Holy Spirit. May you embolden us to move through the storms of life with our eyes fixed upon you. Please, drive away the doubt and drive away the fear. You have not forgotten us. Thank you for loving us–Lord, make us brave!” In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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