Do Not Fear

This week, our family is being plagued by the ringing of alarms. Joshua is going on his second week attached to a enuresis alarm at bedtime. The bedwetting triggers the shrilling cry for him to awake, leap out of bed, and go to the bathroom. In addition to that ruckus at night, our fifteen year old son and daughter are both training our dogs on an electric fence by day. Faint alarms sound as they approach their boundaries and then they are to retreat. Other than a few set backs–I don’t think it will be long before they are very well-trained pooches and if my flower beds survive–it will be a bonus. We all know that alarms are tools to help us, they can guard us, they can signal when something just isn’t right and spur us to action. I had to explain that to our fifteen year old for the first time this week, that our internal alarms have been created to protect and guard us in troubling situations. In my case yesterday, I had alarms going off in my spirit where my son and I were shopping. Sometimes we can’t put our finger on the exact concern sounding that internal flare but in this case–I knew that we needed to get in our vehicle quickly, get moving, and avoid any contact with a large glaring shopper. Staying put was not an option. Joseph laughed at my swift maneuvering of our super size van because his internal alarms weren’t going off. In reality, we viewed and experienced the same situation from two different places. Doing nothing wasn’t an option and only one choice guarded us from a real threat. fire alarm photo: Alarm Alarm.jpg Right now in our world, I think alarms are sounding while some think all is well. At this point, I don’t believe that we can wait for anymore alarms to ring before we act. They are blaring. I don’t want to be the alarmist that cries, “The skies are falling–” but I’d be a fool to believe that a carefree lifestyle will continue at this rate. I believe that is a fantasy. As parents though, we can’t help but be mindful of the threats worldwide; Ebola concerns, virus’, acts of violence and murder of the innocent, intense weather outbreaks, travel concerns, losses of liberties, shackling new laws, and all on top of our own family crisis’. In recent days, our churches are under scrutinizing attack in the United States of all places. Will they compromise in their Biblical messages or take a stand in firm unified faith no matter what the cost? I have to ask, what is a person to do at times like these? Does any of this matter? Should it matter to us? What can I say? I’m a mom and like any parent–I believe it’s still our job to ask hard questions and roll up our sleeves to do what no one else wants to. It’s still our job to be aware of any danger that can harm our families and what we value. It grieves me to think that some will teeter on ignoring the warnings or simply wring their hands in numbing fear. At times like this, doing nothing cannot be an option.

My encouragement is to pray instead. Begin praying like you never have before. The alternative begs a question of us; how can we ask God to protect and bless our nations any longer if we turn our backs to Him? It starts with us and our moment by moment choices. Please, join me in falling to our knees before our Living God in prayer. There is prayer power on our knees–I dare you to try it. Let’s take responsibility for the things that have kept us at an arm’s length from our Savior and rededicate ourselves to the only One that can have mercy upon us and save. Let’s pray for those that lead, those that serve, those that are close to us everyday, and the injustices we see. Let’s dust off our Bible’s and read them–trusting the Holy Spirit’s voice brothers and sisters. I believe He wants to guide His people through such a time as this. Finally, let’s not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing. It’s time. It’s time to seek God. Then, just maybe He will hear from Heaven, have mercy upon us, raise us up, and heal our lands. I’m glad that’s what God’s word says he will do if we follow His commands. God will do it because He is faithful and may our Father’s perfect love drive out every ounce of fear from His people.

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