This morning I woke to this joyous sight. It’s moments like these that I cannot help but respond to my Creator, “Good morning Lord–thank you for your beautiful creation and awaking me early enough to see this spectacular sunrise!” It’s mornings like this that remind me that I am loved and I have a promising day ahead of me. What a great way to start my morning– especially when discouragement has been knocking at my door. Our Father has some great things to show and tell each of us–if we’ll let him.

I’ve been praying for weeks over a heavy issue and it seems like the answers are just surfacing now. In reality though, sprinkles of answers have been rippling all around me ever since I began to pray. God’s been guiding my steps, He’s never left me, and He never will. He’ll never leave you either. He loves you. He wants me to remind you that His mercies are new every morning and His banner over you is love.

Won’t you join me in thanking Him?

“Father, thank you for never leaving me or forsaking me. Thank you for caring for my every need and for blessing me with precious gifts like an original sunrise. Moments like this remind me of how big you are and how small I am. Moments like this remind me of how powerless I am and how powerful you are. My eyes are fixed upon you, upon your beauty, and nothing compares to you. Thank you for loving me.” In Jesus’ Name–Amen.