This week, I’ve been contemplating what it means for us to live each day as if it were our last. Have you ever taken a minute to think about such things? After a quick rummage through the basement this morning, I found a cd that was created in memory of my Aunt Judy. Her passing still grieves me to this day. She was my mentor, she was my encourager, she interceded in prayer for me while I was growing up, and had homemade caramel corn waiting for me when I came over for a weekend visit. She always made me feel special and wanted. She took the time to talk about God with me at anytime a teachable moment would arise. It didn’t matter if we were baking, washing the dishes, in our pajamas, or riding in her crowded minivan to church–talking about God was always a priority and never an afterthought. My Aunt Judy lived as if each day was her last by God’s abundant grace.

In preparation of my upcoming blog posts this week, I just wanted to share with you something ahead of time. I do not boast in grasping living each day as if it’s my last but I trust in God’s grace that He will help me where I a weak. This concept has become a priority for me because I’ve witnessed the impact it makes on both the person that chooses to live this way and on those around them. It’s not that they have chosen to live for themselves each day as if it’s their last but that they have chosen to live as followers of Christ as if each day is their last.

In the same respect, while this topic holds value–it’s important to consider why this matters to people like me. So, would you consider hanging out with me this week on the blog? As always, God has provided an interesting story, verses of the week, and a tune of the week on our topic!

With Love, Kelly