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We never know what a day may bring do we? We role out of bed, wobble to the dresser, and before you know it we are shoving something in our mouths and rushing out the door. As a full-time parent though, is it ever that simple? I think not. Some mornings I count it a victory to find a missing shoe, wipe a slimy chin, and locate my keys that grew legs the night before. So, I count it a blessed miracle when, on very rare occasions, I am able to run errands–alone. Yes, it is a sheer delight when I can climb into my car and not check a carseat or count heads. A mama free for a bit is one happy mama indeed.

On one particular morning, I was that free mama heading to get my new iPhone. The be-bopping to the music and sipping on warm milky coffee were just a few of the highlights of my half-hour cruise into town. So, imagine my surprise when I’m five minutes away from my exit and behind a sweet melody, I hear a few undertones that catch my attention. In less than three minutes–my gauges begin their own bobbing up and down. In less than four minutes–plumes of thick smoke pour out from my hood and blow towards the shoulder. The car sputters and the next thing I know, I’m alone and sitting on the side of the highway. Fun times.

Now remember why I am going to town–for a new cell phone since mine completely died. To the right of me is a mobile home surrounded by long grasses and a deep ditch in-between, to the left, four lanes of highway. Behind me is nothing of note and before me is a minimal thirty minute walk to town–my legs are pretty short. It’s funny how certain situations can root down deep into our spirit and snag a feeling we’ve felt before. These emotions were dragging me back to my solo trip to Europe earlier in the year. Believe it or not–while I was sitting in my quiet car–I was able to take an objective look at my situation. Two things came to mind, God was with me in every situation and He would help me. Being that he loves me, I can only hope that my childlike prayer at that moment made Him smile.

“God, please send a police officer to come help me…(feeling a tad guilty here for putting God in a box)…or someone like that,” I pray.

Peace came. Gratefulness came. Then, a junky looking car came up behind me and parked. Sweat under my arms and into my hands surfaced and I told myself not to open the door. He stood there while I tipped my face and spoke through a tiny crack of window–then it happened. Skylar told me he was leaving for Marine bootcamp early next year. I almost cried. It wasn’t the use of his phone, or the more than thirty minutes he waited with me for the tow truck to come, or the tow truck he eventually tracked down for me that touched my heart the most. It was that my Father in Heaven sent me someone with skin on that had a heart for serving, a heart of compassion, and a heart that cared about justice–just like our oldest son. God couldn’t have sent anyone better and I’m so grateful to Sklyar for stepping out in faith himself without looking for a reward. The day became brighter because of his sacrifice that day. Yes, our car is still inoperable, the ride with the tow truck man was a tad creepy, and the car rental didn’t work out, but I felt joy anyhow.

Yes, we never know what a day may bring but when we step out of the door in faith or even stay home with our kids in faith. If we ask, seek, and pray for God’s hand us to guide us around the unexpected disappointments–we will see Him. We will see His great love for us and watch Him turn a breakdown into something far more praiseworthy. It is so good to be loved, to know that He is watching, and that He is ready to take action at just the right moment. God is so good and it is so good to be His child.