Love Isn’t A Scam

Over a year ago, our family entered our favorite hunting store to shop but left the parking lot with a vacation plan on our horizon. Oh tell me we are not the only ones that have had our energy and time sapped by some of the best schmoozers in the sales industry. You’ve got it, we booked our next vacation to the breathtaking hills of Missouri and we even set the date far enough in advance for our adoption to be complete.

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So, a few weeks ago, we went on our trip and agreed beforehand that the time-share sales pitch would fall on our deaf ears. It was a good plan since the resort was beautiful and no expense had been spared in  creating an oasis for young and old alike. The pools were sparkling, families were smiling, and the flowers were all bursting in various colors. There was only one problem for the salesmen and women shaking with excitement when we sank into our reclining chairs for two hours. Their words, their fully equipped but snug accommodations, and all of their thrilling amenities, came up short. For me, it came up empty. It felt as if it was a mirage, kind of like the luscious but tasteless cake displays at a buffet. They look like heaven, promise delight, but the recipe misses something vital. In this case, a smorgasbord of family fun, landed like lead in my heart. As my precious grandma would say, “It was missing the most important ingredient.”

In all of the razzmatazz, we earned a free Oscar winning performance at the resort by the cutest gal you’d ever want to be mesmerized by. We sat for two hours listening to her lifeless words. They rang in my ears while picking up every sales tactic the woman tried–she even threw in a heart-tugging grand finale of tears. I gave her credit, she had created job security as a grandma loving, world traveling, professional dancing actress–with only three more pitches left to throw that day. I felt like clapping at the end of her sales presentation but I still sat unmoved in my decision. Regardless of our exhaustion, we were direct to the salesman. We refused his offer, the hefty price tags, and the generational burden it would mean to our family.

I would imagine that I’m not alone in having consumer fatigue from just some of the greedy, empty, and hollow promises of this world. In all honesty, I’m tired. I’m tired of being a consuming target. I’m tired of being scammed. Am I alone on this? I guess I’m hoping for more genuine interactions with people and less one dimensional, self-serving, overpriced sales pitches. I suppose my grandma was right all along about life. She always said, “The most important ingredient is love.” Yea, a few more dashes of unconditional love in peoples lives could make all the difference–even in my own life. What about yours?

“Lord, please help us have the eyes to see the opportunities from you to love another. Then, please, give us the courage to prove our love and the courage to receive it. So many hearts are starving and empty. So many hearts are beaten down, rejected, and tired. You make all the difference and we need you more than ever. In Jesus’ Name, amen.”

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