The View From Our Recliners

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Ahhh it’s my new guilty pleasure–my favorite chair. The place where I can put my feet up and let throbbing muscles melt in rest. Once I sink down into the seat after a long fifteen-hour day, I hesitate moving out of it even for a drink of water. When I make the decision to get moving though–every ache and pain that eluded me all day–clamps down on my muscles and says, “What are you doing? Where are you going? Sit back down in your chair!”

 This last weekend, I experienced the joy of answered prayers that I lifted up just days before. It wasn’t a prayer for world peace but for God’s supply of seating for our echoing living room. Not more than a day or two later–I saw a Face Book post from my cousin who was offering two chairs. Not only were they pretty much what I was hoping for color wise–but they were recliners and my precious husband toted them home to me this weekend. The match was made perfect once I felt the cushion enveloping and tilting me back so far that I felt my legs rise above my heart. Now I dare say that I have two favorite chairs and am thanking my Father profusely for His generosity.

 We all love sitting in our favorite chairs don’t we? Our kids know not to sit in them lest they encounter a parental scowl. We place our chairs in the perfect place in the room so we can view everything from a prime angle. We can even rest our snacks and cups right where they should be–on the table beside us. 

 Well, after last Sunday’s great sermon message–I’ve been contemplating about our perspectives. Perspective, maybe where we sit really does matter. I’ve been left wondering–are our bums remaining stuck on the same easy chair day in and day out with the same viewing angle? It was mentioned that no one in our congregation, in all probability, felt true hunger before. Do we know what it feels like to be so hungry and thirsty that it consumes our thoughts day and night? My mind bounced to our newest three babes–they’ve felt that. It was good to be reminded again of how much need there is and that many haven’t walked in their shoes. The idea of hungering and thirsting for righteousness holds a richer meaning to me now. I believe that I would have understood this concept so much less though had I not gotten up out of my recliner and done something with a big nudging from God. Even though it was so tempting to stay there–it was even more thrilling to say, “Yes,” to the unknown. In turn we’re becoming friends with many that are leaping into a different seat and gaining new perspective. Simply put, they are open to God’s leading, stretching, and welcoming the maturity that they would have otherwise missed out on. The Bible becomes more alive and applicable when we open ourselves up to His guidance. Each of us can trust that our Father has some great things to reveal to us if we’ll let him–all through a simple game of musical chairs.





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