Do we realize the intensity to which we are wanted and loved by God? The Bible verses from this week reveal how powerful this love is. Another Bible passage that talks about love is I Corinthians 13.
I also appreciate what my commentary says about our verses this week, “Love is as strong as death; it cannot be killed by time or disaster. Love is priceless; even the richest king cannot buy it. Love must be accepted as a gift from God and shared within the guidelines God provides. Accept the love of your spouse as God’s gift, and strive to make your love a reflection of God’s perfect love.”
(Life Application Study Bible, NIV, Zondervan.)

Wow–now we know. We may not feel loved or wanted but we are. We may not feel like loving our spouse, child, or another person to this extent–but we can with God’s help. Clinging to Biblical truths daily will guard us from thinking any other way and will ignite us to live as God desires us to.