Adopting In Dangerous Times Part I

   Has adoption ever crossed your mind? Has anyone you’ve known been adopted or are you adopted? As we immerse ourselves this week in the grieving OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAreality that over 298 souls have entered into their eternal homes, it’s probable that the idea of traveling overseas in these dangerous times, is not at the top of our to-do lists. I would venture to say that many of us who have considered adopting internationally might reconsider the idea because of the dangers involved with traveling abroad. Well, what if you’re already in the process, ready to take trip number two, or three overseas in your adoption finalization?
   This week, my husband, three newly adopted children, and I are traveling in and out of Eastern Europe for immigration reasons. As of today, July 24th, we are receiving word that US Embassies across the globe are not printing passports. The feeling of panic we are feeling is real-we don’t know when this issue will be addressed. Multiple adoptive families are waiting here in Eastern Europe with us and one family adoptive family may be waiting in Ethiopia. We are desperate for your prayers and your action. If you are willing, please contact your US congressmen on our behalf so we may receive the printed passports for our children and return home to the USA as scheduled. (*Thank you! Our visas were among the first printed when the printers resumed!)
   If you’ve been following our adventures since the blog “Cut To The Heart By Two Latvian Princesses,” you will understand that this has been no ordinary, clean cut adoption story, as if few ever are. I must say our nerves are a little on edge and we are appreciating the groups of people praying for us–most of which we don’t even know.
   So, why are we doing this? Is it all worth it? Well, in summary of past blogs, I would have to say, not one of the four adoptions that we have completed have been about our plans or desires. They have not fit into a cookie cutter idea of choosing a child, enveloping them into our family, and living happily ever after. We are choosing to adopt out our love for Jesus Christ, who loved us when we were the most unlovable, who by his sacrifice on the cross, and rising victoriously from the dead–made it possible for us to be adopted into his eternal family. We are choosing to adopt because there are an estimated 153 million orphans worldwide and we as believers are called to care for the fatherless. We are choosing to adopt at this time because God made his will clear to us to do so.
   To be sure, these are dangerous times. Adopting right now–is going to take a lot of faith, a lot of trust, a lot of sacrifice, and a lot of prayer. Adoptive families feel like they are putting much on the line to get through the whole process and in turn bring a new life into their families. Again, is it worth it? I will shout an absolute–yes–because God has a plan. He’s looking at us and he’s looking at these lonely children that he’s chosen to be loved and trained up by us. It’s a humbling thought, isn’t it?
   If you’ve ever felt like you should adopt–please don’t ignore that nudging feeling any longer–take a leap of faith now before things get even more dangerousOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA in our world. Keep taking steps and let God steer you towards a deeper understanding of what it means to be chosen, to be sacrificed for, and to be loved. You and a child will be forever changed by adopting in these dangerous times-or by supporting someone that is.
* Be sure to catch the Adopting In Dangerous Times: Verses of the Week v-log this week, an update from Eastern Europe, and the Adopting In Dangerous Times I-Tune of the Week!

7 thoughts on “Adopting In Dangerous Times Part I

    1. Thank you! You can praise God with us now because we did get them about five days after we were due to leave. It took us about a week longer to get home–but we did and we are so grateful for all that prayed for us!

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