God Felt Silent III

Have you ever asked God to show himself to you? I don’t know that anything can compare to feeling God’s presence when we are alone. Feeling his presence and knowing–really knowing he’s there–enables us to do what we never thought we could. It’s beyond humbling and seeing him work up-close makes me feel shaky all over.

When I arrived at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, I nodded a goodbye to Antony. I experienced God’s peace and encouragement as I drifted behind a super sized crowd of young soccer players. I even felt God’s comfort as a thought came to mind while gripping my passport in a sweaty palm. “Look for navy blue passports,” it said. Soon after, a new English speaking friend arrived as a tiny elderly woman traveling to Athens, Greece from America. We spent our layover chatting through the corridors and then found ourselves conversing with a husband and wife from Philadelphia. I was the first to depart with new Facebook friends and a spring in my step.

Entering into Eastern Europe was painless but I was quite alert to the tasks still ahead of me. Exchanging money from US Dollars to Euros in the airport, booking my taxi, then traveling across the city to my temporary home for the next few days still gave me an edgy feeling. After doing two out of the three tasks, I did something that I wouldn’t have done in America. A middle aged couple from Germany and I shared a taxi to the same hotel. I what? I know it sounds risky–but I began seeing with new eyes. I didn’t have to ride with a taxi driver through the city and pray every mile that I would arrive at my hotel. The mental relief I experienced was indescribable.

My silent room was more than welcoming after the eighteen hour journey. The gift of curling up in sleep under a mountain of pillows, became a whisper of God’s love and care over me. I made it. I arrived, with over thirty-six hours of melting decompression and recharging still ahead of me before the adoption hearing. The adoption trip that I had once believed more than I could handle had just become a gift of rest. I never imagined that would happen. God was loving on me every stretching step of the way and even though I didn’t perceive it fully before, I in turn began to trust him more. He became more than enough–enough for me when I was alone and enough for our newest little ones when they were once alone without a family. God saw and held the plans in all of his wisdom and understanding. I even gained a little more understanding through it all. Apart from Him in life–we can do nothing but with Him–anything remains possible. We will overcome by his grace–praise be to God!

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