The race was on.  Last Sunday, all seven of us scrambled to get a shower and dress before our 30 minute stopwatch ended.  We were going to church- a new church- one we picked out from a list posted online.  Motivating each miniature and tall person to inch out from under their warm covers  to attend some mystery church gathering- was quite a challenge.  Few hustled and some even appeared to be going in reverse.  Greasy hair needed washing, a sluggish teenager fell back to sleep after being awoken moments earlier, and our preschooler peed on his sheets the night before.  The extra minutes we had were flowing down the tubes.

     In an unusual but seamless change of stride, we then rolled into Plan B.  We decided to attend another church on our list with a later start time.  It wasn’t until we flew down our gravel road that we realized we didn’t have to rush anymore. Now we were over an hour and a half early and I wondered what were we were all going to do to pass the time.  After my stomach grumbled, all I could hope for was a small town breakfast. 


     We drove 30 minutes longer and arrived at the next church but their parking lot stood empty.  My mind wrestled with one question- how we would connect with anyone beyond the surface being so far from our new home?  We were still an hour from the service start time- so my hubby decided to wash the truck.  I sat in it and used his phone to search again for another nearby church.  The nearest possibility was 25 minutes east of where we were so Plan C was put into action before the water on the truck dried.   The last church of the morning greeted us with it’s impressive steeple.  It hovered over us as we hopped onto the sidewalk with ten minutes to spare. 


     Getting to church isn’t always easy is it?  Let’s face it, the simple morning challenges sometimes have a way of expanding beyond our control and leave us questioning- “Is this all really worth it?”  I know- that morning really tested our ability to roll and readjust too. 

     Church shopping isn’t something that our family has had to ever  do and I’m glad- it’s hard work.  I felt like Goldilocks- trying to find the one that felt just right.  Considering the obstacles that some of us face on Sunday mornings- it’s a miracle anyone makes it through the doors of a church building. 

     With a lot of prayer and grace- we saw the guiding hand of God lead us right where he wanted us to be that morning. It was a warm and welcoming church family, the updated worship was refreshing, and the pastor held out a message from God that I will never forget. 

“Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another- and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” 

                                            Hebrews 10:25