In the stillness of the wee hours, I sat in my bed considering the first steps of my day.  

As I turned on the computer, my nine year old rolled our RV bedroom doors open. With blanket in hand, she pulled herself up to my bed and slid into the warmth of my arms. I welcomed the opportunity to reassure her of my love during a week of being picked on. I tickled her back and her face, remembering a time when her infant body tucked into the fold of my arm in safety and her little head bent to collect kisses. Once our youngest daughter climbed down, our eleven year old daughter took graceful steps toward my direction. I thought about that open computer on my nightstand and tipped its screen a little lower. 

She climbed up onto my bed smiling and ready for more girl time. For some reason, I grabbed my camera.  Maybe it was the uniqueness of the moment, I’m not sure really, but I knew that I longed to remember these spontaneous moments for a lifetime. Giggle after a fit of giggles we laid there with bad breath, bed head, and a mobile phone camera. An hour went by but we didn’t know it until Kathleen came back again and my son Joshua skittered to my bed. They both raced up to become a part of our party. Poor Joshua–he never had a chance against three giggling girls. Before he knew it, he was rolling toward the end of the mattress just to escape six tickling feet. 


                   It was the perfect morning.

                          “Your love has given me great joy and encouragement…”
                                                                                            Philemon :7

                       Family Video- A Perfect Morning of Laughter      

                      VIDEO- “Good Morning” By Mandisa and Toby Mac