A few weeks ago I discovered the erosion of my health.  The warning signs were all there and instead of a foghorn blaring, a still small voice was whispering. 

     I needed refining and help but I couldn’t see it through a thick cloud of unbelief.  As I reflect now, I think God was allowing the heat to be turned up in my life so I would remember that he is able.  He is able to heal me in a supernatural way if he chooses to, because he still is a supernatural God. 

     I’m grateful that he noticed my faith needing work even to the point of leading a Ukrainian friend to call and encourage me. Tanya is now experiencing God’s healing after 4 years of being house bound with chemical sensitivities.  She is pressing into him in full spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical surrender and she is being drenched in God’s grace. 

     Few of us may not experience that kind of grace, not because it isn’t already available, but maybe because we haven’t wanted to go there- to that surrender place.  Tanya has set a great example of surrender for me to follow because her testimony is something amazing- but that’s another blog for a different day…

                            A Crippled Woman Healed