A Birthday Surprise!

A few days back, I was notified of a prank that our 14 year old son had pulled on our soon to be 12 year old.  Little revelations of the incident have been circulating throughout our home over the last few days and every time I hear another aspect of the story, it throws me into a fit of giggles! 

Happy 12th Birthday Joseph!



James ran to the mailbox and had a sense that Joseph had a birthday card from his grandparents waiting for  him. Bingo! There it was in all its vulnerability, just waiting for him. Ideas came flooding into James’ mind as he trekked  down the driveway. With a sinister plan in mind, he eagerly tore open the card. The unlocked van was a jackpot, perfect for the first stage to be carried out. Removing the birthday check, he dropped in a coin, and resealed the envelope. With a casual attitude he walked inside, and handed his brother his birthday card. As Joseph began tearing apart the envelope, James disappeared out of sight to hide his laughter. He sat on a stair step and held his breath. With a grand  outburst from the kitchen he stifled his laughter as he heard, “It’s only a nickel?” Joseph reread his grandparents writing in disbelief, “I hope you put this towards something special!” Joseph felt confused and in disbelief his eyes watered. He considered the idea of a nickel being spent on something special and didn’t know what he’d buy. One thing he knew for sure, he had just gotten rid of all of his change because he didn’t want it anymore.

Collin and Grace hovered by and observed the scene in shock. They thoughtfully suggested,”Maybe Papa and Grandma forgot to put the check in or maybe a bigger gift is coming in the mail.” Joseph, attempted to grin with a gut full of disappointment and agreed.

He found James sitting on the stairway and sat.

“James, they only gave me a nickel..”

Joseph’s brimming eye lids looked at James. To avoid their spilling over, James spoke up smiling and yanked the check out of his pocket.

“It’s a good thing I found this!”

Joseph smiled and felt gripped with laughter. The value of a birthday check, brothers, and sisters, truly are priceless!

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” Psalm 133:1


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