Sunshine is bursting through the transparent leaves of our trees today and the pond is sparkling with every rippling movement. Resettling in our current home is reinforcing our gratefulness for this place and there is a rekindling hope of a harvest yet to come..

      We are planting trees and bushes of various kinds throughout the yard. As you know, trees need a few things to grow and thrive.  I confess, we are finding it somewhat challenging to faithfully water our new infants.  It would be a relief if they tended and nourished themselves, like people do. Droopy leaves are our signal to water our fragile trees and this responsibility falls on me. Often, I delegate to my 12 year old apprentice who struggles at times to carry out the job.  I’m confident with careful training, he will be an expert in no time.

     We are envisioning next years tasty fruit, dripping with ripened sweetness. In obedience to the Creator, the trees only produce the fruit they were designed to in proper season.  Knowing this to be true, I don’t expect to see an apple growing in place of a peach, in the middle of the winter. We gardeners bend, prune, water, nourish, and tend to the trees’ needs.  They cry out daily, thirsty for water and drink in gallons at a time.  Slowly, these fragile trees are striving to take root in the suns light, adapting to their new surroundings.

       God  always plants us in the right location, at the right time on this earth, for a grand purpose.  Attentive with extra care, the gardener’s goal is a fruitful life for his precious tree.  He hasn’t designed us to be all-knowing or self sufficient, but dependent. We are reliant upon Him for daily guidance, the refreshment of living water, and the nourishment of His word. He envisions our becoming spiritually rooted, producing fruit that blesses others in season, with arms stretched towards heaven, and swaying in praise. As we mature in Him, we become fruit bearing vessels where songs of praise might be heard and welcomed by our Gardener.
A Song Of Praise!
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