What distracts you?

I considered that question Monday morning. It depends on what I’m focused on at the moment I guess. If it’s getting fit- it’s sugar. If it’s cooking a meal- it’s my disorganized cabinets. If it’s a simple walk through my hallway- it might be running into overflowing laundry baskets. The kids and I- o.k.- I decided that we needed to remove some of those distractions…  So I made my mental list and went at it- visual peace returned after my garbage can was filled, and mountains of missing laundry items were reunited with their owners. It was a great day. Maybe you too can relate with my joy and elation..

Some of us might want to dig a little deeper with that question though..

 On Monday, I also had to ask myself- “What were some internal distractions that might be keeping me from hearing God’s voice or experiencing His leading?” It was a question that I didn’t already have an answer to, that was a question that I needed to ask Him directly. Sometimes God feels like He’s just so far away and at other times, His presence feels so close. Maybe it’s not Him being unresponsive, maybe my own distractions are just too numerous, too loud, or too time-consuming. Maybe it’s my own struggle with sin that keeps Him distant. Whatever it might be,  I decided that I wanted and needed to cry out to hear His voice, and soon.

Today, thanks to a gracious friend, I was able to get a few hours away. I found that quiet place, to pray and to lay at God’s feet the burdens and distractions on my heart and in my thoughts. He met me there and the verse of truth that came to my mind were the words Jesus said in  John 14:27

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”   (NIV)

I was now at peace. My mind was finally clear and I was free to press on with the rest of the ‘retreat’ time away. The distractions battling within myself were gone and I found myself able to move forward with courage and joy! Do you find yourself distracted at times also? *Let’s remind each other often to seek Him and that we are – “Never Alone”  (music video)*