A pile of seeds sit clumped together on a wet washcloth under the faucet. I observe the acorn squash seeds and wonder, how are they sprouting in my dark laundry room? How is it that I have tried year after year to start seeds in my sun room with all of the right tools and the results were poor? I am now faced with a decision, to take the time to throw the sprouting seeds away–being that we aren’t in the season for starting seeds yet–or to plant them in some dirt, nourish them, and see what happens. Every day, I avoid making a decision on the matter with the hope fruit and blessing will come without any personal effort–but in the end, the choice to act is ultimately my own or the seeds will die.

My husband and I sat at the local coffee shop on our date last night and we observed how fast two seasons are colliding and creating an unusual busyness for our family. In our observation, it’s messy with more complicated schedules to manage. We haven’t sat down in unity together to discuss calendars, goals, and deadlines in a long time. Our list was long and we covered three out of five urgent matters. We found that we neglected a few sprouting seeds in life for a little too long. Now we are asking if this is the best season to sew them into our schedule and priorities. We cannot avoid an additional question as well;

“What are we going to do with the newly sprouted and long awaited answers to prayers we’re seeing?”

It’s almost funny how cautious we become when answers to prayer finally show up. Alarm can strike our souls and we may begin to think–Wait, this isn’t a convenient time for this or–this is the wrong season in my life! 

It’s at times like these, when I am driven to my knees in prayer with the reality of my weakness and need for more direction from God. It’s in my unity with Him that I gain the wisdom and understanding I need to know what I should do. In addition to choosing a position of surrender to my Maker, I am also filled with a burning anticipation within my heart. The question that often flutters through my mind though is–am I being attentive enough to His leading

It’s in this need for unity with Him that I find myself understanding more what is written in John 15:4. It says, “Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.

In this unity, there is a feeling of indescribable joy and this joy builds within me crying–He’s moving! I then sense the rushing of God’s Spirit and His desire to do something that He hasn’t done before in our lives. The anticipation always strikes me with wonder and awe.

A question we still find ourselves asking though is–How will we respond? Especially when the seeds and desires that He has planted within us are beginning to sprout. Will we plant and nourish them so they will bear fruit or let them sit, rot, and eventually be discarded? Ultimately, the choice continues to be ours and it’s a choice that we never want to make apart from the Vine..