There is a chain reaction that happens when 2 two year olds want the same toy in our home- it’s grab, scream, and react! When Momma comes a runnin’ their little chubby fingers hold on even tighter. This leads to my prying their fingers off of the item and then progresses to a tantrum of injustice by our youngest.

 Isn’t it that way for us in life though? Learning how to live with open hands- not only to be willing to give up that which is precious to us, but also to receive new gifts with thanksgiving? We are then brought back to a new season – to let go again things we may treasure , as if the whole process is flowing in a continuous motion and   rhythm. This process truly tests my willingness to grow and to let go!

     I continue to learn this as I enter into new seasons in my life. Our oldest, is beginning to look into scholarships as he makes future plans for attending college. At the same time, as he is preparing to flow out of our hands and into the world, flowing into our hands, is Joshua a beautiful toddler that needs a forever family.  Then, with tears, I hold Justice close to me, he is the other toddler that we’ve been entrusted with to love.. and  I am aware that the day may soon come when he will flow out of my hands also- but never my heart..

     I desire a life that flows in worship, like the blood within my veins, up to my loving God. He desires more than just what is convenient for me to give away. He wants my everything- because He Himself gave everything. He knows what it is like to give up His time, energy, friends, family, the riches of Heaven, and His very life…  It seems that we are all asked at different points in our lives, this question; are we going to live with open hands willing to thankfully receive, then sacrificially let go, only to one day joyfully receive again? Or are we going to cling to what we think we deserve shouting- “Mine!” causing constriction to the flow of love and unity?

 Just like our toddlers, it will be much more painful for us if God has to ‘pry’ our fingers off of something or ‘someone’ rather than allowing God to be the Giver and Receiver of what He’s so generously given to us in the first place. For all of this to happen, it is going to take learning to …

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”  Proverbs 3:5 & 6

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