This morning, I remembered back to my first impression of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie. There were unlikely characters chosen for a mission that they did not fully understand and took their steps forward before comprehending the journey ahead of them. They faced relentless attacks from an enemy that did understand what ‘Frodo’ held, and sought to come after him from every side to steal it away. A crucial group formed though, to help him along his treacherous journey. Even though the mission was his own, the group played key roles in protecting, encouraging, defending, and supporting him until the victory had been won and the enemy’s heart was struck with an impacting blow. I too understand that I am facing a unique mission.

As my sister Sara began battling with cancer at 15 years old, I was unaware of the impact that God would have on those around her including; young and old, friends and strangers, children and well educated adults. It wasn’t until about a year after her passing, that I experienced a call on my life to tell her story one day. I was emotionally overwhelmed at the thought and yet knew deep down that I was willing to obey my Father, and wait upon Him for the right time to begin writing. Over the last 14 + years, I am grateful that God has allowed me to be fully engaged with my husband and children, without taking time away from them. It wasn’t until the last 4 years, that I was woken in the night to write, and currently, I am fully aware that the urgency within my spirit is growing to prepare and finish what has been started.

Just like ‘Frodo’ I too am in need of those that will come along side of me to encourage me, support me, and defend me in prayer. There are ‘arrows’ that fly towards me, temptations to feel unworthy to tell this story, and distractions that seek to discourage and pull me down, but my commitment remains to be faithful and follow through with my calling and mission. My prayer is that any writing I do will have an eternal impact for God’s glory. Knowing that this was and is God’s idea and plan for me, I have no doubt that this will be eternally significant. He continues to send strangers into my life to testify to what God has done in their own lives, through Sara’s example. He has connected me with people that I don’t even know at random times, to affirm that He has not forgotten the mission to which He has called me. In a worship service, I will hear God speaking through the words of a song, a message, or a scripture- and I am struck with the reality that this is really happening.

I do trust my Father who has begun this good work to be faithful to complete it, in spite of my hectic home, full schedule, & mounting responsibilities. I have been often asked the question, “When are you writing?!” Mostly, it has been in the middle of the night, early in the morning, during the kids’ nap/rest times, and has also progressed to sitting in the silent car- alone. It’s all true. I need prayer. I need quiet blocks of time to finish what has been started. I need enabling from God’s Spirit to do so many things that I have never done before. I need courage and peace as I continue to take the steps of faith and obedience necessary. God has promised that He will not leave me or forsake me. He has not forgotten the story that He wants told, and continues to walk and lead me step by step.

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