On this very special day, I can’t help but have an ache in my heart for the one who has so faithfully loved me for the last 19+ years! We’ll celebrate my husband Larry’s birthday with dinner celebrations and gifts, but, the things that stand out to me most are the gifts that he has given to us.

Larry’s relationship with God and his commitment to genuinely caring for people- has stood out to me ever since our very first meeting. His blue eyes struck me as he shook my hand for the first time, over 19 years ago; he was interning at my home church. Our first real conversation was about his mission trips to Haiti and New England, and mine to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I had never met anyone like him.

Larry’s love for God, wisdom, integrity, loyalty, and care for people are such a gift to everyone around him. His contagious laughter has poured joy into my life. The example as a father to our children has ministered to me over the years and has brought much needed healing to my broken hearted memories. How I hoped for a daddy like him.. I never knew what it was specifically that I always longed and searched for as a young woman. Larry took me as a fragile, broken, immature, and bound up person, and faithfully lead me to the One who continues to set me free and pour out His grace upon me. How I love him and praise God for giving him to me.

This is part of today’s entry in my prayer journal; ” Thank you for leading him (Larry) step by step on this journey through life. Thank You for his faithfulness and willingness to allow You to transform him. He is a humble man, so full of passion for you and leading people closer to you. May your will continue to be done in and through his life!”

Happy 41st Birthday Honey- I love you and am so grateful to be your wife!