My Toilet Paper Issues

Toilet paper, we all use it–unless we live in more natural conditions. Leaves aren’t an option, so it’s the spool of white that remains an issue for me. How thankful I am that these mishaps were only in clear view to my husband and complete strangers. On our date Sunday evening, we made a stop at a grocery store before our movie. In my mind, the plan was for my husband to wait in the car for my swift return. Instead, he peeked out from from a diaper piled end cap instead. I strolled down the aisle, I could be seen from the security camera, shimmying myself around a mother and daughter to make my way towards him. It wasn’t an affectionate greeting or raised eyebrows that urged me to hurry, instead, he could be seen waving his arms around in a swirling motion, pointing, and mouthing silent words in my direction. I felt confused. It wasn’t until I reached him that my hubby spun me around. The charades and his fixation were on my rear end. While this is not an unusual surprise, this time, a white dangling piece of cotton hung like a waterfall from the waist of my jeans. My husband’s contagious laughter, reddened face, pointing finger, and his own personal embarrassment overtook him. This was not my first experience with his inability to breath and trying to speak–or a toilet paper tail. Ugh, so much for hygiene.

I am beginning to believe God really does get a hoot out of keeping my toilet paper issues in plain site now and then. Every time something like this happens, my husband and I become more unglued. I think by now, as an old married couple, we are grateful for the instant re-bonding that it creates between us. Up until now, no one else has known, well, except those exasperated strangers and now you. Isn’t it times like these that either make us humble or keep us humble? I would venture to guess that you also have a few stories of your own to share–I would love to hear them–so send me a comment!

A friend recently reminded me that “A cheerful heart is good medicine..” Prov. 17:22a. After my toilet paper issues–I am even more confident about something else. A cheerful heart and laughter must be good medicine– and a healing salve to our relationships. My prayer is for you to laugh out loud with someone special today!

One thought on “My Toilet Paper Issues

  1. One of the biggest blessings of where I work now is that we all laugh with each other over similar things. Like the day I fell down the stairs three times and they made a Lindy Landing Zone out of pillows and duct tape. 🙂 I'm just thankful to be around people who get me and understand that silly things happen to everyone!

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