Kathleen stood over my bed at 7:30am on Sunday morning, took one look at me and said in disgust; “Ugh, mom you DON’T look good!” Yes, those were the tender words of love that greeted me as I tried to steal just one more minute of sleep.

The night before had started out fine. A little time to relax, drink some tea, and update facebook while everyone was sound asleep. Just before heading to bed, I went to make a few changes on an article that I had submitted to ‘Mama Knows Best’ (See Link).
Due to an accidental mishap with our computer, the clock read 4:30 am when I finally fell into bed.
Three hours later I was barely awoken to the question, “Cinnamon or Vanilla?” In a confused whisper I said, “Cinnamon…” to the body standing next to the bed. My husband, with loving forethought, knew that there was little probability that I would bounce out of bed and carry out the mission for the day without a little help. Starbucks greeted me just before my honest six year old!

In spite of my circumstances, we managed to get all nine of us out the door on time- each parent going our separate ways. Larry was off to give the message at Adventure Church with James, and the six kids and I were off to our home church. I couldn’t help but be so excited about the topic- “The Jesus Mission” I taught to the middle school students that morning! Communicating to these students that they too have been designed with gifts and called to the ‘mission’ of sharing the good news about Jesus- these students in turn revealed their future plans and goals in carrying this out! It wasn’t about me, my fatigue , or my appearance- it was just about carrying out my ‘mission’ for the morning.

Do you ever face obstacles in carrying out your mission? So do I…
Let’s continue to remember these encouraging words from Philippians 2:13-“For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”