Yesterday, while getting our two 23 month olds ready for their naps, I found myself trying to coax one of them out from behind the crib! He just would not come when I called him. For some reason he just doesn’t get that his ‘purpose’ in life right now is to follow my directions and respond- “Yes ma’am” and do what I’ve asked.. go figure!!

Larry and I have been so blessed as parents! It is such an honor to be parents and help our children discover their purpose for being put on this earth! Collin our 16 year old has such a desire to be involved with things within our government and to fight for justice. , our James, our 13 year old continues to learn new instruments and loves leading worship in our church youth band. Joseph, our 11 year old has been our adventurer, daredevil, and comedian since birth- I’m thinking preacher! Grace our 9 year old daughter is an encourager, dancer, and singer. Kathleen our 6 year old daughter is our servant hearted, bold, helper who loves to do everything her big sister does!  Joshua and Justice are 23 months old and we are fostering to adopt them. They are lively, busy, and amazing “boom boom” (drums) players already! What a blessing it is to love them all and see their purposes unfold!

People constantly are telling me; ” I don’t know how you do it!” This is the answer I wish I could give them- “By God’s grace, His enabling, and through sacrificing my own fleshly desires – by dying to myself.” On my mind is the joy of them being my 1st most important ministry and the realization that Larry and I are investing in them for God’s ultimate purposes to be carried out.

Psalm 127:3 says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.”

It is an honor to be blessed with so many ‘rewards’ and ‘gifts’! We can’t help but celebrate every life and God’s purpose for each one of our children..

Maybe people would change their opinions on having children (& more of them) if they remembered that each life is being designed with a purpose. What would life be like without Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, or even Celine Dion?? Benjamin Franklin was the 15th child out of 17, Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd out of 10, and Celine Dion was the youngest out of 14! These are just a few examples that stood out to me. You never know, one of your children (or future ones) may just cure cancer, be the one to save some one’s life, invent something vitally important, or beautify the world with their music!

What a powerful thing- to know what your purpose on this earth is!
Mine: To be a faithful, supportive, loving wife- mother- teacher- friend- writer- speaker- and ENCOURAGER!

What’s your purpose?